Traineeship – Part of the team, right from the start

Are you fresh out of college or a student, and looking for the perfect way to start your career?

Stijn Kamermans

Industrial Engineer TU/e, Internship and Research Preventive Maintenance

“At university, you are faced with tons of theories. When I started my traineeship at Schunk Xycarb Technology, I noticed that they don’t do everything according to those facts and figures. I had to get used to the fact that, although they do things differently, it still works. It gives me the freedom to choose a direction and work out my research in a way I learn the most from.”

Daniek Caris

Product Engineer, Young Professional

"After graduating and looking for a suitable career, I was interested in several organizations. After a few encounters with Schunk Xycarb Technology, we had a match. It just felt right, just very informal and personal. Now, I feel very comfortable within my team. I can ask any question and help is always nearby. I also feel that I have the possibility to develop my skills, and to do those things that I enjoy and that I’m good at.”