Traineeship – Part of the team, right from the start

Are you fresh out of college or a student, and looking for the perfect way to start your career?

Traineeship at Schunk Xycarb Technology

The staff of Schunk Xycarb Technology is a team of dedicated employees who are well trained in their specialty. They are happy to share their expertise, but also eager to learn from you too.


We offer traineeships for students with a background in Industrial, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering. Do you have a different profile but are you still interested in a traineeship at Schunk Xycarb Technology? Send us an open application and the HR team will look into it. We are a CREBO certified training company and trains graduates in practice. You can expect thorough guidance from your tutor, but we also expect that you take matters in your own hand and work independently. Hard work will not only be valued but also acknowledged.


For more information about our traineeships, contact the HR department.